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Brendan Bycroft
Software Engineer
LLM Visualization Screenshot
A visualization and walkthrough of the LLM algorithm that backs OpenAI's ChatGPT. Explore the algorithm down to every add & multiply, seeing the whole process in action.

Born and raised in New Zealand, I've been writing code ever since I first got my hands on a computer. After my Bsc in Maths and Physics1, I have been working professionally as a software engineer since 2013.

Over my career I've touched a whole variety of tech, from CUDA programming to web development. On the way becoming well versed in embedded C, distributed system architecture, databases, cloud infrastructure, numerous algorithms, 3D graphics, and much more.

I've always sought to bring high performance to the things I build, the feature that many can't articulate but everyone can feel. Computers are ridiculously fast, and there's often so much left on the table.

I have a tendency to roll-my-own, which invariably pays off in the long run: I understand how things work, can debug and fix them easily, and ensure they're tailored and optimized to the problem at hand. I also err on the side of a data-oriented approach, as most abstractions are unnecessary, and simple functions get you a long way.

1. BSc in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Canterbury in 2012